Removes the Tattoo in 1-3 sessions, utilizing a mild exfoliating formula combined with our unique but virtually painless pinpoint abrasion process. There is NO other method that actually removes the ink from the skin.

All other methods depend on the body to absorb or carry the unwanted ink into other parts of the body creating possible allergic reactions.

RON HENDON the developer of the revolutionary 123-TATTOO-FREE® is a world renowned Paramedical Micro Pigmentation Specialist and Tattoo Artist, boasting numerous awards internationally.

Tattoo Removal Per Session

Tattoo removal takes from 1 to 3 sessions to remove, or lighten significantly to allow for a cover up tattoo. 6 weeks between sessions.

  • Base cost R500
  • Plus R45 per 10 minutes needle time, determined the size and intensity of the tattoo
  • Minimum charge is R950 per session i.e. 10 minutes needle time

Scarring, hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentatio after removal is a definite risk. The nature and extent of which will depend on a number of possible factors, including the pigment, depth and technique used in the original tattoo, your skin type, tone and healing ability, and aftercare.

If you have any concerns about how you may heal, hyper-pigment or hypo-pigment, then please arrange a patch test.

  • Removal Patch Test - R250 to be arranged 8 weeks prior to the removal procedure


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Opting for Tattoo Removal regardless of the method, is a huge decision to make. It's either live with the tattoo, or live with some scarring as a permanent reminder.


Why our Tattoo Removal method?

No other removal system has the potential to remove a tattoo regardless of colour, in 1 session, and at the most 3 sessions. Hence the 1 or 2 or 3 sessions with minimal or no scarring, and returning to normal in 3 – 6 months

Can all colour inks be removed from my tattoo?

Yes, indeed! Our formula sees ink not colour, whereas lasers see only black and very dark colours.

We are a busy studio so a Confirmation Deposit of 25% is required to secure your appointment.
Credit and Debit Cards accepted (Visa & Matercard)

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